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An introductory video describing the philosophy behind Lunge Personal App.

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Personalize Priorities.

Define Goals & Outcomes.

Track Activities.

Create & Share Challenges.

Review & Monitor Progress.

Compare with Others.






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People are using Lunge For Diverse Set of Purposes


Pay-off Debt/ Savings

Career Growth


Health/ Wellness

Hobbies/ Projects

Our Innovations enable you to focus on priorities & be efficient


Importance & Urgency

Measurable Outcomes

Activity Cards

Group Challenges

Scores & Peer-Comparison

Communities & Social Sharing

AI-based Assistant

Suggestions & Notifications

Optimize your most important resource (Employee Time) towards targeted Performance Indicators.

Productivity Solutions for Organisations

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User Experience

Lunge App enables people to take control of their lives. Some of the features include:

1. Life-goal categories like health, finance, career, family, social life, spirituality and legacy.
2. Personalization of importance and urgency of these categories.
3. Define commitments by specifying goals & outcomes you want to achieve.
4. Select one of the built-in profiles with pre-loaded goals which can be customized.
5. Log activities, and optionally assign them to a certain goal.
6. Take stock of time-spent in various categories. Monitor your progress.
7. Join communities. Compare yourself with others.
8. Plan Activities (Challenges). Invite friends for Challenges.

screens multi-device


  • Select Profiles (Built-in Popular Goals)
  • Edit Categories (Rank, weight and Color code)
  • Category detail with Commitments
  • Define Commitment with Goals and Outcomes
  • Log Activity (Time, Location, Category, Goal)
  • Review and Monitor (Calendar + Table Views)
  • Comparative Analytics (Indexes + Graphs, Peer Comparison)
  • Activity Challenge and Share/ Invite Friends
  • View Challenges (Sent and Received)
  • Join User Communities (Interests, Occupations, Causes etc.)
  • User Profile and Badges

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