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Demystifying Why and How Things Are Done.

Our Vision and Value Proposition

We believe that people want and do things for a reason i.e. an incentive-driven semi-rational decision making with behavioral, informational and other constraints. Using a simple, yet powerful framework, we are changing the way technology is implemented and used in our workplaces and lives. With "time" being the constraint that everyone faces, we use it as a common dimension to create micro-foundational quantification models for each activity. These input-output type models enable us in estimating trade-offs against other possible choices and providing evidence-driven AI-assisted guidance on what-to-do-when-and-how.

Our clients can expect -
1. Best Value for Money: Quality Solution For Any Budget
2. Industry-Leading Standards for Data Privacy and Security
3. Feature-Rich, Intuitive and Adaptable Software
4. Return on Investment: Demonstrable Impact on Indicators
5. Analytical Support: Recommendations for Achieving Objectives
6. Continuous Improvement: Software & Models Become Better with Usage

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Our thinking is that technology's true potential lies in enhancing human potential by focusing on individual comparative advantages:
1. Humans - What should be done and Why (Decide).
2. Machines - How it should be done and is being done (Control).
3. Humans & Machine - What worked & what didn't and how it can be done better. (Improve)

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Our Story So Far

From the Quantified-Self to AI-Assisted Automation and everything in between.


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Lunge Enterprise.


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