• Priority Management Platform
    Innovative technology offering a transformative approach to employee productivity.
Lunge Enterprise is a Priority Management Platform that delivers Actionable Wisdom (who should do what, when, how and why) derived using machine learning models and Evidence-driven AI.

Standard Usage

A typical out-of-the box installation represents your organizational structure, inputs & outputs, processes and know-hows.

Priority Management

A universal use-case of Lunge Enterprise is the optimization of employee productivity and organizational efficiency. An organization-wide deployment allows setting up of priorities from top-down and outcome-based feedback from bottom-up with software-driven continuous improvements. Can be used by project or team managers for planning, development and operations in their individual departments.

Progress Tracking

A must-have for any organization type in any sector, Lunge Enterprise enables people to monitor and self-regulate themselves. Starting from the pre-defined calendars for their roles or project plans, the employees can add/ update goals, log their activities and record the outcomes achieved as a result of those (if and when). The progress of private and public group/ team projects can also be tracked.

Comparative Analytics

Lunge Enterprise has comprehensive quantitative analytics and reporting component. From priority areas, goals & outcomes to cost and qualitative aspects of each individual activity. Users can see their own data and compare it to the anonymized/ aggregated data of their peers. The administrators can define employee characteristics (e.g. education, experience) as additional dimensions for the analysis.

A Technology Like No Other

Achieve Anything: From Operational Excellence to Disruptive Transformation to Incremental Innovation.

Our technology models the actions and behaviour of people (employees or consumers/ stakeholders) and organizations using the most fundamental framework. This framework is based on important concepts from different fields (e.g. constrained optimization in economics). Lunge Systems centers everything around something that cannot be changed: Availability of Time.
This in combination with the codification and the quantification of what is being done, why it is needed and how best to do it allows our software platform to offer huge advantages to our clients and users.
  • Actionable & Impactful (Priority-Goal-Activity-Outcome)
  • No-Code Customization and Real-Time Changes
  • Perfect Adaptation to Requirements & Limitations
  • Multi-Level View & Control of Indicators & Activities
  • In-Sync Top-Down Suggestions & Bottom-Up Feedback
There is no Chief Productivity Officer or Efficiency Optimization Department at most of the organizations. These tasks either are done haphazardly in silos or it is assumed that hiring talented & experienced staff and investing in cutting-edge software can guarantee performance improvement. History is filled with examples of successful organizations becoming too complacent, missing out on the innovation trends and falling behind the others who put effort in continuously improving their productivity.
Lunge Enterprise provides a software tool to:
  • Define organizational priorities,
  • Measure the progress towards them, and
  • Optimize the processes using a mix of AI and real-life evidence.

The tool uses "Codified Wisdom" to power its suggestion engine enabling the organizations to avoid re-discovering the wheel and to leverage the existing actionable intelligence as the starting point/ benchmark.

Lunge Systems technology automates and scales up what is currently the domain of business advisors and strategic consultants. Our software framework:
  • Combines planning, execution, review and forecasting features.
  • Measure the progress towards them, and
  • Optimize the processes using a mix of AI and real-life evidence.



Employee/ User Roles


Priorities - Weight & Rank


Log Efforts & Progress


Pre- and Post- CheckLists


Suggested Activity Roadmap


Scorecard: Monitor & Review


Proprietary Indexes


Group/ Team Projects


Communities & Challenges


Reporting & Analysis Portal


Nudges: Badges & Points


Admin Command Center


Benefits For Our Clients

Improved Productivity. Efficient Operations. Competitive Advantage.

Dashboard of Enterprise-wide Activities

Lunge Enterprise creates a wholistic view of organizational priorities, goals, planned outcomes, employee roles and their activities. Executives, departments/ teams and employees can see what they are supposed to do when and why; how far they are; how they are doing compared to others.

    This comprehensive analytics results in:
  • better planning
  • improved productivity
  • accurate forecasting
  • preemptive correction
  • irrefutable reporting

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Synchronization of Strategies to Operations

Lunge Enterprise driven by the codification of actionable wisdom allows organizations to plan, pilot and implement transformation, expansion or changes in organizational vision & mission. The strategies can be validated and finetuned based on the operational feedback & outcomes.

The executives/ managers can:
  • specify high-level priorities
  • plan detailed strategies
  • map out roles-goals-outcomes
  • suggest actions
Each employee can:
  • see expected roadmap
  • log activities
  • track progress
  • improve his/ her contribution

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Growth in Profit/ Other Targets

Lunge Enterprise acts as quality control of employee activities & workflows leading to efficiency gains driven by our software's in-built proprietary indexes and algorithms. With continuous tracking & evaluation of performance indicators and the underlying inputs/ workflow data (who did what, how and when), the clients can expect significant & tractable growth in the target indicators.

    Real-time optimization of activities leads to:
  • increased revenue & profit
  • higher quality with same resources
  • improved competitiveness
  • better customer & stakeholder satisfaction

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AI/ Wisdom & Evidence-Driven Responses

The data-driven algorithms and AI/ML models (included as part of Lunge Enterprise) generate recommendations to help our clients respond to shocks, events or changes. The decision is based on organizational wisdom, internal evidence, or could be complemented with our proprietary data services, that scours actionable wisdom from millions of sources.

    Clients get recommendations on:
  • who-should-do-what-how-and-when
  • best pathways based on evidence
  • implementing regulations
  • industry level goals-actions-outcomes ontology

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Build Your IP Assets

Wisdom Models, Data Evidence & Adaptive Processes

Lunge Enterprise is an investment that gives ever-increasing returns. The more your organization uses it, the higher the benefits. In addition to following the industry-leading data security and privacy standards, our software licensing agreement (for each type of installation: shared cloud, private-cloud or on-premise) ensures that any derived data, customized algorithms and trained models are owned by you.

How Lunge Enterprise Helps You Build IP Assets?
Existing Setup Lunge Enterprise Your Intangible Asset
Organization Structure & Roles Meta-Data Structure Models
Products, Patents, Manuals etc. Codified Knowledge
Best Practices, Strategies & Evaluations Roadmaps/ Pathways Algorithms
Project Plans, Time Sheets & Productivity tools Suggestion Engine
Financials, Reports, Reviews etc. Comparative Analytics Input-Output Ontology
Big Data/ Data Warehouse Priority-Goal-Activity-Outcome Linkages

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