Innovative and intuitive Technology

Identifiable and Measurable Impact on bottom line or target Indicators.

Built on Fundamentals

  • Familiar Software Features
  • Values, Constraints & Activities

Implicit Prices Using Time

  • Estimates Opportunity Cost
  • Manages Competing Priorities

Quality Scale & Determinants

  • Reasons for Sub-Optimal Performance
  • Finds Trends & What Causes Them

Automation of Strategies

  • Admin Interface with Power Functions
  • Compare & Contrast What-If Scenarios

Interactive and Evolving

  • Opt-In Tracking at Quantum Level
  • Responsive Workflows (Auto/ Manual)

Fully & Easily Configurable

  • Adapts to Structures & Processes
  • Changes Seamlessly Based on Needs

Succeed in the age of Intelligent-Technology

Codification and Quantification of Organizational Processes, Knowhow and Wisdom.

Tangible & Attributable Returns

Employee Productivity Improves Significantly (30% On Average).

Measure Quality-adjusted Inputs & Outputs

Understanding Dynamics of KPIs Accelerates Growth (up to 80%).

Uncover and Resolve Inefficiencies

AI-assisted Analytics Flags Problems & Reduces Mistakes.

Integrate Regulations into Workflows

Monitors All Activities (Micro to Aggregate) for Compliance.

Implement & Optimize Operational Wisdom

Makes Recommendations & Enables Changes in Real-Time.

Employee Competitive Advantages

Identifies Who is Good at Doing What and If it can be Replicated.

Our Software and Services

Guiding Behaviour through Accumulated Experience.

An enterprise application for everyone: Government Departments to Small Companies to Universities and Hospitals to Large Multi-National Corporations.

The software UI and workflow adapts to any requirement: What areas you operate in, what are your goals, what you do to achieve those goals, how do you organize activities for employees in different roles and how to do things better, faster and cheaper.

Lunge Systems' wisdom datasets, ontology libraries and AI models can help you in finding about the best practices in your sector, what does the conventional wisdom/ existing data suggests, what others are doing and how.

A detailed "admin" interface allows for executives, analysts or managers to control everything: from planning new roles to performance analytics to implementing strategies. The suggested roadmaps (calendars) for employees are updated in real-time.

In addition to introspection, analysis and forecasting, our software has features like challenges or group tasks, communities or departments, peer comparison for facilitating behavioral nudges.

Built using plug-and-play infrastructure, data can be exported-imported. Private-cloud and on-premise hosting options available.

See Details: Product
Value-Creation for You

Unlimited Potential Use-Cases.

Performance Management

Employee Appraisals by HR to ensuring Ministries implement the agenda.

Project Planning & Execution

Software to Manufacturing to Construction to Service Delivery Contracts.

Evaluation & Transformation

Merger-Acquisition to New Markets to New Vision.

Achieving Objectives Under Constraints

From Drug Discovery to Investment Returns to Revenue Targets.

Operational Excellence & Improvement

Retails & Customer Service to Manufacturing Supply Chains.

      and many more ...
Our Benchmark Wisdom Data (Selected Sources)
Your Needs in a changing world

Our flexible technology allows your business analysts or our in-house domain experts to build a diverse set of applications easily. The input-output and quantification framework can be adapted to unlimited number of use-cases perfectly fitted to your requirements and constraints.

Our product is integrated with Lunge wisdom data and AI algorithms. As the new evidence emerges (either from organizational or external data) or the technology frontier in your domain moves, our recommendation engine automatically incorporates those changes while generating the suggestions.

Ever-Growing Set of Ready-To-Use Applications.
On-Demand Access to Experts in All Domains.
Daily Calibration of Models.
Weekly Cleansing of Datasources.

  Selected Client Stats

60,000 +

Outcomes Achieved.

4000 +

Annual Goals.

120,000 +

Monthly Activities.

350 +

CheckLists In-Use.

    *: For a typical enterprise client.

Multi-Functional Software

Lunge Enterprise offers unique crucial tools to executives and decision makers to manage priorities, achieve organizational goals, improve operational efficiency and implement strategic transformation.

Individual Unit or Enterprise

In addition to the enterprise-wide deployment, department managers can use our software for individual units to plan, monitor and optimize the performance of their teams. It integrates easily using our data import-export features.

Wisdom Distilled to Calendar

Employee time forms the building block of our quantification framework. Based on his/ her role and self- or manager- assigned priorities, our technology populates each employee's ideal calendar or "roadmap".

Complete Productivity Loop

By quantifying workflows and codifying the best practices, our software enables each person to get a wholistic picture of what he/ she is supposed to do, why and how. The actual data (including deviations) improves the software.

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